We are creative people
connecting dots to a line.

We are polardots.studio – a place for experiments, ideas, projects. We are movers and shakers. The analog and digital world of design, technology and business development is our natural habitat. We have faith in working together with creative people. Multidisciplinary, fearless, fast-forward.

img polardots mover

Thank you Flo & Laura for a wonderful girls’ day @polardots.studio. Creating an Arduino powered thingy, installing it in a wooden box together with a thermal printer and a coin acceptor, generating ideas on how to have more fun at school with it, finally finding the name „timseslot machine“ and coloring it all over. We’ve had big smiles on our faces all day! And who knows – maybe @klosterschule.hh will install a timeslot machine soon…

img polardots activation

We make ideas happen: We invent, form and develop new products and solutions driven by creativity, driven by enthusiasm. We combine strategic thinking, digital excellence, design, communications and technology. Our goal: Connect, activate and touch people.

Swift Deck is a connected fitness device for up-and-coming football talents seeking to make it to the top, eager to join a professional team. Swift Deck measures, improves and increases anticipation speed, acceleration and agility. Personalized workouts based on sport science are provided by a mobile app and are connected with the training device – a smart and intelligent textile surface. Off you go and work out like a pro.

img polardots swift deck
img gym sum

See the screen in a new light – Gym Sum. By combining IOT-sensores, video mapping and smart textile, we reinvent the traditional movie-screen. The screen of Gym Sum depicts various workout stations that are activated and controlled by human movement. Gym Sum makes people move. Gym Sum makes people happy.

Evolution leads to transformation – the beauty of smart textile. The innovation field of smart textile beautifully stands for one of our core beliefs: „There is no value in technology as such“. It is about the combination of technology with smart applications. It’s about the combination of the best of both worlds. By merging analog and digital, we create new levels of activity. Transforming monologue to dialogue.

img smart textile
img polardots innovation

No transformation without innovation. We have a deep understanding of how to make innovation work in the long run. From concept development of new business models, prototyping of new products and solutions to implementation. Including the entire business planning process. With our off-beat approach and our excellent network of creative talent, we are ready to support clients who want to transform their businesses.